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Re: 30 fps

On Mon. Jan 20 Bob Festa wrote:
>As a colorist working on a Cintel telecine, I presume, how can any colorist
>have anything objectively favorable to say about running film at 30fps.
> Lets
>... look at the facts that a colorist
>has to face on a day to day basis working with 30fps film material.
>, but I'm sure we
>can all contribute more issues and workarounds that make working on 16 or
>35mm at 30fps an additional challenge that really makes telecine at 30fps a
>Any takers?
I actually prefer 30fps material for the dailies I transfer:

It runs faster and I get more footage done.
Get more footage on the same video cassette.
No A-frame problems when zeroing at the punch.
With the Phillips Quadra I find none of the artifacts you mentioned with the 
Cintel re: run/still color differences, vertical changes, patch problems.

CB Gaines
Monaco Video, San Francisco