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RE: 30 fps

>>Some of the recent stuff I've read about the upcoming HDTV system says =
it is supposed to handle different frame rates, and the new TV sets will =
able to sort them out and display them properly, perhaps like multisync
computer monitors work now.  Film shot at a 24-fps rate will be =
broadcast at
24 fps; film or video shot at 30 fps will go at that rate, and computer
images at 36 fps (or 72 fps non-interlaced) will likewise be handled at =
speed.  About the only thing that appears to be gone is the 0.1% speed
reduction from 30 to 29.97 that came along with NTSC color TV.<<

Read the spec (it's available on the Net). It specifies 3 primary pixel =
resolutions, and specifies progressive and interlace options for two out =
of the three. It also specifies only four specific frame rate options: =
23.98, 24, 29.97, and 30. Check out your information instead of =

The idea behind the spec is that the government did not want to dictate =
the frame rate, pixel=20
resolution, or interlace/progressive scanning. It simply wanted to set =
broadcast specs
and supply guidelines as to what options exist within that spec. It is =
up to the industry
and the marketplace to decide what the final specification will be. I do =
not for a moment=20
believe that there will be multiple formats, although I do hope that we =
have 24 and 30
frame options. A specific format WILL be adopted by the industry, it's =
just that the FCC
won't decide what it is, we (probably Sony) will.

Mike Most, Technical Director, Encore Video L.A.