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RE: HDTV, Super 16, 24fps vs. 30 fps and "ABOMINATION"

>On Jan 21, 10:32, Rob Lingelbach wrote to Robert Faber:

>Robert, please do not market your products on the main telecine list,
>the place for that is the telecine-announce mailinglist.

Rob, although I agree with your policy of relegating marketing issues to =
the announce list, I cannot help feeling that when a process or product =
is directly attacked or criticised on the forum, the manufacturer should =
have the right to put up some defense or, as in this case, invite his =
critic to come and see for himself. The alternative, if one is to be =
fair, is to ban any form of critcism or opinion on the main list, which =
would make for a very, very boring forum.=20

Roger Mayer
Hollywood Digital