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Re: 30 fps

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On1/21/97 12:26 AM, Bob Festa wrote-->

Run/still color differences enhanced at 30fps.
active stop changing vertically.
no ability to run film speed faster than 30fps without metaspeed or.
reduced ability to blow up of push in image due to patch size. For those
without NEWS flip.
reduced flare and burn due to smaller patch.
patch surface noise and texture increased.
Any takers?
The gauntlet has been thrown--->
We have TWiGi on both and Meta-Speed on one of our URSA Golds and the problems
you mention don't seem to be an issue here any more.  TWiGi gives URSA what it
has always needed ---a high resolution afterglow corrected burn corrector (as
well as a lot of other interesting upgrades).  That corrects for the CRT
granularity and Run / Still level differences caused by differential light
output at different patch sizes.  The burn corrector also happens to have
separate sensors for Red, Green, and Blue, another amazingly smart part of it.
 I am not now nor have I ever been connected or related to anybody from the
TWiGi organization (Innovation TK), I just wish I had built it first!!!
Dave Corbitt
Manhatttan Transfer/NYC