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Re: Component VITC inserter

CB-Gaines at usa.net wrote:
> We're trying to find an inexpensive box to insert VITC into our component
> video signal.  ....  Our Evertz 4025 only outputs composite.  

	The folks at Evertz probably already have a solution.  If you're 
talking about analog component, I imagine the Evertz 4025 could handle the 
luminance signal provided it had sync.  For digital component, on the other 
hand, Evertz has a box that interfaces with the 4025 to insert the VITC into a 
4:2:2 signal.  Here at Encore we designed our own 4:2:2 inserters a few years 
before Evertz introduced theirs; they're not as elegent, but they've served us 
well through a few zillion feet of dailies.

Hans Lehmann              | hlehmann at encorevideo.com
Encore Video, Hollywood   | hlehmann at pacbell.net