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All the discussions about HDTV formats are terribly interesting, and I am
reading them all with great interest. Can I, however, ask you all one

Do you think there will ever be significant broadcast HDTV services? As
Chris recently said, the public does not suspect that there is anything
wrong with the TV they have at present. How are you going to persuade a
majority of them to buy a more expensive receiver when the benefits are not
desired by them, and quite frankly are barely perceivable in the domestic

Even remembering that, in an earlier life, I stated that the music-loving
public will never replace their black vinyl with CDs (understandable as I
was working for Shure at the time), I will now stand up and say that there
is next to no chance of widespread HDTV broadcasting. Widescreen, yes,
provided the programming pushes it along. Digital, yes, on the back of the
increased choice it offers. How are you then going to sell HDTV.

I am sure you all want to tell me where I am wrong.

Dick Hobbs