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Re: 3D Television

Steven Flippin wrote:
> This is all new to me. I am trying to get some information on the process
> involved with the production of a 3D spot for broadcast. If anyone might
> know anything about this or know who I might talk to. Thanks in advance.
If you are shooting live action video for broadcast, their is a company
that has a system for broadcasting color 3D that I found quite
impressive when I saw a demo at last year's NATPE. They're based in
Germany but I beleive they have NTSC capability as well as PAL. I don't 
know of any local rep. They are:

Thomas M. Hohenhacker
Telecast International
Filmproduction GMBH
Osterwaldstr. 10
D - 8000 Munchen 40
Tel: 089/361 8944, Fax: 089/361 3760

robert at filmlook.com