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Re: HDTV, Super 16, 24fps vs. 30 fps and "ABOMINATION"

>There are many who do not consider FILMLOOK=AE an abomination such as the
>U.S. Patent office, Eastman Kodak Research and Development, Sony /
>Columbia Pictures Television, the Academy of Television Arts and
>Sciences (1992 EMMYS-outstanding acheivement in engineering award) and
>the producers and executives of numerous shows on every Broadcast and
>cable network in the U. S. and Canada. If you would like to see a
>demonstration of our "abomination" and also a film vs. video test that
>Sony shot (that we processed) call us at (818) 955-7082.
>Robert Faber
Mr. Faber,
I will take refuge in the fact that I am entitled to my opinion. I =
have seen demonstrations of your product and it has always seemed to =
me to be a joke; akin to shooting yourself in the foot in the belief =
that it builds character. Those broadcast TV shows that you mention =
in your post look absurd in my eyes (the U.S. Patent Office as a =
critic of modern culture notwithstanding).

Martin Zeichner