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Dick Hobbs wrote:
> All the discussions about HDTV formats are terribly interesting, and I am
> reading them all with great interest. Can I, however, ask you all one
> question.
> Do you think there will ever be significant broadcast HDTV services? (Edited)

	Good question. One a lot of people would like to know the answer to. 
The only way I could come up with a answer with to this is to find
someone not 
connected with television to just look at the pictures. I got tired of
about all the beautiful pictures I've seen at work and how much better
they were than the 
Cable company's encoded signals we were wacthing at home, and hearing
back from my wife that 
I was a Video Snob. So I dragged her down to work and showed her HDTV.
Her comment 
was "it's like looking out of a window". She thought they were great.
	I think the main reason people think their pictures look fine now is
because they 
have never seen anything better side by side. If they got component
digital to the house
I believe they would notice a differance. If they got HDTV they would
notice a bigger 
differance. Now the next and real question, how much extra would they
pay for it? 
	There is some evolution going on around us. DBS is now one of the
fastest selling
new techonologies. People in remote areas and in cities with cable are
moving to DBS.
Why?? A better product (digital) for a price point. Pay per view movies
without driving
to Blockbuster to return the tapes. Sports packages etc. It is not
without its faults.(compression)
But most of my non TV friends dont see it. Now the cable companies are
feeling a bit of a 
pinch. What will they do? Move to digital to compete with DBS. Give you
cable modems and
phone service and everything else DBS does now. Now where does that
leave the lonely old 
over the air broadcaster?? On the bottom of the pile in a old analog
system. Now that they
got the FCC to aprove their Advanced Television standard what will they
broadcast?? One High
Definition channel? Four Standard Defitition channels?? Maybe a little
of both?? One thing is
for sure they will be broadcasting some form of digital TV as soon as
they can get their construction
permits and get up on the air. If they dont they will be dinosoars with
an eroding viewer base.
	One argument I have heard from them to go with HDTV is that they are
now a single channel
service and to go to a multi-channel system would dilute their
advertising base and require them
to now program 4 channels instead of one. They would then only be able
to compete with 4 channels
against all the other multi-channel services.(150+ Channels)If they
transmit HDTV they will jump
ahead of the rest and hope the consumers will belly up to the bar.(All
you have to do is buy the set 
and the broadcast will be free over the air if your near a transmitter.)
If they have a good dialog
with the set manufacters and price the HDTV sets right it may take off.
A little smart marketing
like a HDTV set at Circuti City next to a standard definition set
playing back a VHS and who knows.
	It's really all up to the broadcasters. For us in post we will have to
follow the format
the broadcasters choose. It could be 601 for us or one of the SMPTE 274M
	Sorry I got so long winded. My kids are in bed so there are no

Howard Lukk
International Video Conversions