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In a message dated 1/23/97 6:16:44 PM, Dick Hobbs wrote:

>Even remembering that, in an earlier life, I stated that the music-loving
>public will never replace their black vinyl with CDs (understandable as I
>was working for Shure at the time), I will now stand up and say that there
>is next to no chance of widespread HDTV broadcasting. Widescreen, yes,
>provided the programming pushes it along. Digital, yes, on the back of the
>increased choice it offers. How are you then going to sell HDTV.

I said the same thing, but had no idea how the record companies would form a
cartel to force vinyl off the market.  If you can't find vinyl, you'll buy
CDs (or sadly, for some, cassettes).

The only chance HDTV has is if it's forced on the public and NTSC is phased
out quickly.  I believe the BBC kept broadcasting 419 line monochrome (or
whatever it was) B&W for many years after PAL took over.  Of course, they
knew exactly how many viewers remained, due to the license fees!  

But, face it, TV is, well TV.  Sitcoms are fine in NTSC.  My guess is that
the people who will want HDTV are the same people who buy laserdiscs.  But
most people I know (in real life, not video/film life) don't want to spend
more than $5-600 on a TV.

Jeff "NTSC for you and me" Kreines