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Re: 30 fps

Dear Mr Cubed,

        Mr Schnuelle's stuff is usually pretty good and will only be 
getting better as time goes on.

        How are you guys doing competing with things like the Spirit??
                        JoeBeats ( a former chicago boy )



Joe Beats, Nice and warm in the windy city only -40 with the wind chill.

There are 2 spirits in Chicago, So far they have not changed the market.
They are charging the same rate as everyone else.  One facility is even
giving it away for free to get clients to try it.  The comments from
clients is that it's got a "glossy" look, one client even said it looked
like a Beta tape, now I know that has to do with who's driving any
telecine, but once once a bosch always a bosch.  I think the spirit is a
nice machine, but I always preferred the "rank" look, it truly is the
closest to true film.  

Alex Scudiero/ i^3
icubed at ix.netcom.com