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Date: 1/24/97 7:06 AM
To: Lynette Duensing
From: Howard Lukk
Dick Hobbs wrote:
> =
> All the discussions about HDTV formats are terribly interesting, and I =
> reading them all with great interest. Can I, however, ask you all one
> question.
> =
> Do you think there will ever be significant broadcast HDTV services? (=

 I dragged her down to work and showed her HDTV.
Her comment =
was "it's like looking out of a window". She thought they were great.
	I think the main reason people think their pictures look fine now is
because they =
have never seen anything better side by side. If they got component
digital to the house
I believe they would notice a difference. If they got HDTV they would
notice a bigger =
difference. =


I agree with you!  If people are exposed to greater quality, they will =
want to have that
quality.  I think that people outside of our business would be very surpris=
ed to see the =
big difference in quality between an original film transfer master and =
their cable company
signal of that same material.   The same goes for SDTV vs. HDTV.  If you =
haven't seen the
difference, then you don't  know what you are missing.

When I worked on the Spirit predecessor FLH-1000 at Producer's Color, I =
had the capability
of changing between standard definition and hi-def with the push of the =
button. (The 525 monitor and the 1125 monitor were sitting next to one =
another.)   During client demos I switched from SDTV to
HDTV to show them image quality they had never seen from their film in the =
video world.  Superior clarity, color separation, image richness and a =
feeling of 3 dimensionality were their observations.  The clients were =
really struck by how much they were missing.  The common reaction was, "=
can I have this at home?"  By the way, the 16x9 aspect ratio was a big hit =

As consumers become more savvy and aware of technology innovations, the =
more they expect from
their gear.  Show them HDTV and they will want it.   They may not be able =
to afford it at first, but
that will change soon enough.  So also the way with telecines.


Lynette Duensing
"Happy to have the Spirit" Colorist
The Filmworkers Club/Chicago