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Re: 30 fps

In a message dated 97-01-24 15:25:39 EST, you write:

 The comments from
>clients is that it's got a "glossy" look, one client even said it looked
>like a Beta tape, now I know that has to do with who's driving any
>telecine, but once once a bosch always a bosch.  I think the spirit is a
>nice machine, but I always preferred the "rank" look, it truly is the
>closest to true film.  


Sounds like 1983 all over again in Chicago (w/my Mark 3 w/ zoom at Post Pro)
but now the CCD machine is the underdog.  What you think??  I agree it's the
driver that makes the difference.   I know I'm getting old but I never heard
of a glossy look before.  I felt no such look when I demoed last year at NAB.
 I thought it gave a more true film look than any other telecine I've ever
run.  Is it who I think it is, giving the box away???

Bob Sliga
Henninger Baltimore