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Kevin - AWOL

Happy New Year to All

My apologies to any of you who have tried to reach me by e-mail, fax or phone
in the last month, and had no reply.

I have been away from home since mid December, with a broken modem. I am not
yet home, but I do now have a modem. I will endeavour to retrieve and reply as
soon as possible, but If I have not replied in the next few days please re

I have also set up a new company,
Kanvas Film and Video Ltd.          Tel/Fax +44-(0)-7000-22-78-54

With the new company I will continue to work as freelance colorist, telecine
consultant, and instructor all over the globe. My wife Kathy will coordinate my
activities on the above phone/fax number, and I will continue to answer
questions via e-mail at

100430.2526 at compuserve.com

In terms of vested interest, I have a very positive, long standing relationship
with da Vinci, although I remain independent of them. Kanvas Film and Video
Ltd. is an agent for South London Filter Systems. The equipment I use and
endorse is by my own free choice, (and not for financial gain). My opinions do
not necessarily reflect those of da Vinci or anybody else.

I have posted a selection of da Vinci orientated Frequently asked Questions, on
the da Vinci web site, as "Kevin's Notebook" My own Web Site is under

Best Wishes to everyone

Kevin Shaw
(Freelance Colorist, Consultant and Instructor)

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