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Re: JK

Bill writes:

)))Help! Does anybody have a phone # for Jeff Kreines? email
not fast enough... especially aol!((

I'm back.  Big system crash.  A weekend of fun running around unplugging SCSI
drives, rebooting, changing startup disks, replugging, rebooting, swapping
software, argh!  I was offline the entire time.  Some EMail may have gotten
misplaced -- AOL's idiotic new software doesn't let one open up "Filing
Cabinets" to merge two different sets of mail, and you can only open one of
them at a time.  I suppose I could mail stuff to myself from one mailbox to
another...  but on AOL these days that could take years!!!!  So forgive me if
I missed responding to one of you...  

Jeff "no, I still won't get a PC...  maybe on 02?" Kreines