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RE: survey says...

>On Jan 24 Bill Tapazio wrote:
>>This is a little off the TK track, but the question came up in
>>a TK context so what the heck...
>>What convention have most people adopted for line assignments
>>for VITC these days?
>From recent discussion about 3-line VITC it appears that many are
adopting this as a standard.
The 3-line format is currently before the SMPTE WG on Time code and is
being proposed as a recommended practice.

>In 3-Line format the encoded data is contained in a block of three
>consecutive lines of the vertical interval.  There is also a second
>optional block of 3 lines for redundancy.  Although the actual choice
>of lines is up to the user, the following line ranges are recommended.
>	                    NTSC          PAL
>Block 1	             18-19-20     19-20-21
>Block 2 (optional)       13-14-15     14-15-16

Contact www.evertz.com for more information about the 3-line standard.

Hope this helps.

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