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FW: survey says...

Every time I hear about 3-Line VITC it is referred to as an AATON

For the record Randy and all:

The 3 - line VITC standard was co-developed by Evertz, AATON, AVID and
>Lightworks and is based on the original Evertz 4025 2-line VITC format
>(which has one line for timecodes, and one line for KeyKode).  The 3
>line VITC is a block of 3 lines, the first containing VTR timecode. The
>second containing film information such as KeyKode, pulldown, film
>type, transfer rate, etc. The third line has production timecode
>information (typically production audio timecode with either
date/camera id or camera roll info in the user bits.  

>I have been active over the past year on the SMPTE Working Group on
>Time and Control Code in making this an industry standard. The current
>status is that it has been recently balloted to the committee as a
>Recommended practice. 

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