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Posting please

Colorist, Sydney, Australia

Omnicon in Sydney is seeking a Colorist to join our Telecine department.
After 15 years in business, Omnicon has a very strong reputation in
Telecine and more recently with Discreet Logic Suites, eg. Inferno,
Flame, Fire and Flint. We seek a colorist who wants to integrate DaVinci
and Discreet Logic solutions for mostly high end TVC work. Ideally, the
colourist would follow the job beyond the grade and transfer and be
involved in the entire job. 
The position is for a high end colorist to work in our daVinci / Ursa
Gold suite with the new daVinci Panels, Accom, still store, VSR,
Keykode, Switcher (incl. in suite Ultimatte). Omnicon is an equal
opportunity facility.
Please contact Mike Seymour, Operations Director
Omnicon, 22-24 Albany Street , Crows Nest 2065, NSW Australia, fax 612
9439 6814, ph 612 9439 6600, or email mikes at omnicon.com.au
Mike Seymour                       
Omnicon, Sydney                    
Our URL : http://www.omnicon.com.au