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Re: 30fps, Spirit / Beta

Alex Scudiero posted;
 >>The comments from clients is that it's got a "glossy" look, one client
      even said it looked like a Beta tape,<<

In all of the previous comments and criticisms of the Spirt I have never
seen it reduced to the level of a Beta tape. Alex's client must have had a
very unfortunate experience indeed.

As our new room is still under construction I am not able to give any 
substantiated client comment on how the London / European market
sees the machine but I am confident that it will be more positive.

Before we started this project we carried out extensive comparisons
with our own Golds, ( not always as split screens) and, even on our
acceptance tests, the pictures still amazed us with their clarity and
The ease with which the machine copes with shoulder and toe
detail across the exposure latitude of all stocks and formats is also
remarkable. Data file transfers from our acceptance tests have been
compared to our Dominos own equivalent resolution film scan and
again the results are exceptional.  

The Bosch look is long gone, the current Quadra produces lush filmic
pictures and the Spirit technology surpasses this.To denounce new 
and innovative technology on the basis of a much older product is very
negative and could be applied to any manufacturer.

No doubt after NAB the Phillips / Cintel debate will hot up again and
we should be in a position by then to add some "User" fuel to the fire.
It should be fun!!!!!

Seamus O'Kane
VTR Ltd. London.