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RE>Re: 30fps, Spirit / Beta

It is interesting  to see what has happened.
The threat a year ago of the Spirit dominating our market and all those u=
sers with anything other than a Spirit suddenly trashed has simply not ha=
ppened yet..... The buzz on the Spirit has cooled off somewhat.
(I'll won't wait for a flame of e-mail insisting that the Spirits is kill=
ing off rival post houses and printing money).
Cintels repackaging of the Ursa is also not too exciting although necessa=
ry,  simply a continued improvement of the facilities preferred choice. M=
ost users have most of all the third party options.=20
This year will however offer some other choices at Nab and the whole tele=
cine debate will be stirred up once again ;-)

Now that I've annoyed the telecine manufacturers I'll move on...........

The physical transfer machine is one aspect, however, I would like to see=
 more debate on pushing the correction systems forward. Colourist's need =
a far more richer palette of tools.=20
Where are the filmic look creation tools such as lens flare etc that shou=
ld exist in the grading systems?
Simple adding yet more Power/Electric windows is not innovative.
This is the area that I feel  (in my humble opinion!!) that is lacking.

Do you colourists out there feel that the tools you have are enough for y=
our work and everyone is happy?
Do you feel that this is where the grading systems should stop and Flame =
then take over?
Am I just Crazy.....don't answer that!

Paul (Anarchy in the UK) Grace  -  Rushes  Soho

paul at firstart.co.uk