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Re: 30fps, Spirit / Beta

Seamus wrote,

> Before we started this project we carried out extensive comparisons
> with our own Golds, ( not always as split screens) and, even on our
> acceptance tests, the pictures still amazed us with their clarity and
> depth.
> The ease with which the machine copes with shoulder and toe
> detail across the exposure latitude of all stocks and formats is also
> remarkable. Data file transfers from our acceptance tests have been
> compared to our Dominos own equivalent resolution film scan and
> again the results are exceptional.  

I'll agree the Spirit surpasses an Ursa Gold. We are comparing it to an
The 1440 has 1440 pixels in each channel, not 2000 pixels in luminence
and 920
in each color such as a Spirit.  Which gives the film a much more filmic
For the type of high end work that we normally are doing, where it is
critical that different types of stock line up perfectly for
compositing.  Where flame/fire stabilisation can't work on certain type
of scenes. (such as a panning scene) 
you need to mechanically handle the film.

Real time steadiness is o.k. for a lot of things, but the absence of a
type steady-gate and Phillips reluctance to figure one out for thier
(the one for the Quadra shown at NAB '96 is still not ready from what we
forces us not to consider one.  $1,500,000.00 and it doesn't rotate,
steady-print and from what we hear, Data output isn't ready yet at least
on step 1 and step 2 machines.

icubed at ix.netcom.com