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Re: RE>Re: 30fps, Spirit / Beta/tools

On Jan 29, 10:01am, Paul Grace wrote:
> Subject: RE>Re: 30fps, Spirit / Beta

> Do you colourists out there feel that the tools you have are enough for your
work and everyone is happy?
> Do you feel that this is where the grading systems should stop and Flame then
take over?

	Definitely no, I think that when something that makes the "look" can be
done realtime it has to be done by a colorist because we work with DPs and both
of us are responsible for the look of the image and have a "filmic culture",
for instance colorists get new ideas from photography (even old ones). We would
love to be able to play with textures, swing and tilt effects etc, I am
convinced that this has to be done in combination with colorgrading, so,
please, more tools!

	Cheers, Jean-Clement.