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RE>RE: RE>Re: 30fps, Spirit / Beta

Hold on Michael!!!
I knew my mail would rattle things.
I think you misunderstood my point, probably because I mentioned the F wo=
rd, Flame.
I'm not proposing that suddenly all TK colourists should be Flame artist'=
s that really is absurd.....
I quote from my posting  "Where are the filmic look creation tools such a=
s lens flare etc that should exist in the grading systems?"
I am asking for Filmic tools.
I firmly believe that in look creation which is a large part of the colou=
rists skills in SFX and commercial (spots) work there are tools that shou=
ld be at our disposal. Lens flare , I feel would be cool as a controllabl=
e effect. You guys probably know more than most other people in the post =
production chain how this effect is best applied in context with the orig=
inal footage on film. Who understands most in a Post house about film sto=
ck's and grain, exposure and flare?
Custom grain tools for tape grading would be useful for breathing life an=
d matching CG elements to live action footage.
No one can be master of areas of post and we all specialise
Craft skills learned in telecine are unique in post and look creation is =
one of those craft skills.
Custom curves in daVinci is a filmic tool and thank god it's there for cr=
eating print looks etc.
Maybe I am wrong and the majority on this forum would want to limit the t=
elecine stage to just colour balancing. This is fine.
Personaly, I want to go further.
If there isn't a demand it will never happen  :-(