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Re: room layout

Rob notes:
> one of the more hilarious things that tends to happen to me in
> telecine sessions is while I'm working
> on the film, client behind me (out of my line of sight), and I respond
> to the client's statements or questions, then I turn around to see
> that he/she is on the phone, and I've been
> talking to myself. 

You are not alone!  I'll bet this happens more than you realize!

> does anyone know of a room layout similarly unusual for telecine?  

My suite in Philly has a long straight console, so when I can I 
encourage the clients to sit right up next to me.  I've designed the 
console so that there is a little room for someone to lay out some 
papers, and a phone is right there.  Some clients love this, others 
prefer to sit in back.  At least when they're up front I never have 
that kind of communication problem!

Bob Lovejoy