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Colorist, Bangkok, Thailand

Full-Time Colorist Wanted, Bangkok, Thailand

The Fame Post-Production Co. has just opened to produce top commercials
work for the Thai TV market. We have the latest equipment to do the job:
Rank Ursa Gold; daVinci DUI Grader; DVNR1000(ANR); Aaton Keycode System;
Discreet Flame and Fire; Avid Media Composer 8000, D1, etc.

We expect the suitable candidate to have that unique combination of
artistic and technical experience! If you are interested, please fax /
EMail us CV, for the attention of: Ms Wilaiwan Leelachart, The Fame
Post-Production Company, Bangkok, Thailand.
Tel: +662 559 3245 or 3246  Fax: +662 530 7223 / 530 3775,
EMail: tomdavy at atlas.co.uk

Come to Bangkok and get the Thai Inspiration!

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