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DaVinci User Group meeting, NYC

     This backwater boy got up extra early to travel to the Big City 
and check out the DaVinci User Group meeting earlier today at the 
Warwick Hotel.  Let me state at the outset that it was particularly 
wonderful to meet so many of my distinguished compatriots all at 
once.  So many familiar names suddenly had faces.  
     DaVinci really put on a fascinating show.  As a user of a Cintel 
MkIIIC with a (virtual) DaVinci Classic, seeing the DUI, or "Dewey", 
was mindblowing.  It's incredibly powerful and incredibly clean.  
Around the time of NAB, DaVinci expects EDWin to be functional and 
available.  Also, revision 2.0 of the software should be ready, as 
well as the introduction of the O2 platform.
     We also got to see VSR, hear about the TLC integration, and 
play with the new panels, which were up and running to positive 
comments by the attendees.
     It would appear to me that stepping from a classic to a new DUI 
would present a nice learning curve.  Certainly not insurmountable - 
the DUI seems to be fairly intuitive - but this is not a device one 
can master overnight.  Maybe two nights...
     As great as all the machinery was, it was great to see so many 
colorists together.  For me, the high point of the day was meeting up 
with Giorgio Malfitone, whose apprentice I became when I started 
in this business about eighteen years ago!  Even better, I was able 
to introduce him to someone I had started down the Path of True 
     So in closing, my thanks to Da Vinci for caring enough about us 
to make sure we are "in the loop", and for bringing together fellow 
colorists from all over the east (and even the midwest!).  There was 
enough talent in that room to shake a joystick at...
     I'm sure someone more knowledgeable with the DUI will post in 
more detail the various prophecies and products of the day.  For me, 
it was a day of adventure, discovery, and rediscovery.  

Bob Lovejoy