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Filmic tools

At 10:00 PM 1/29/97 +0000, you wrote:

>I'm not proposing that suddenly all TK colourists should be Flame artist's
that really is absurd.....
>I quote from my posting  "Where are the filmic look creation tools such as
lens flare etc that should exist in the grading systems?"
>I am asking for Filmic tools.


Back in the golden years of television, I asked this same question to the
group. This was about the same time the DUI was announced. Remember, at the
time, this was the first implementation of an SGI based color corrector. All
one had to do was look around at other deliverable SGI based tools and
surmise that telecine and color correction was about to become image
manipulation. The world of filters and textures was about to become our
oyster. Competing home systems like Adobe photoshop, 3DS4, and Lightwave had
plug ins that rivaled anything available in telecine, much less the flame.
Certainly it was our time.

Well years have come and gone since then, and not much is on the horizon in
the real time development front. Perhaps posts like these can flush out some
development in the labs at Pandora and daVinci. Unfortunately, my guess is
that all we have to look forward to is moving to an equally entry level
platform like the SGI 02 for our work.

One poster in the past figured that by the time all your wish lists were
met, the box in question would be in excess of a million US dollars. A good
set of filters, an INDY and a channel of DVE looks like a bargain on those
terms. Maybe rubber bands and paper clips make better financial sense at
$650.00US per hour.


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