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RE: From two to three (VITC lines)

 Thank you J.P.,
 Your response is very accurate.  I am a user, not a developer.  When one 
system introduces a feature long ahead of the competition I consider it
worthy of recognition.  I was offended when Alan accused me of calling
3-line VITC an Aaton system.  I clearly attempted to include Evertz in the
list of those now supporting 3-line VITC.  I went through a period at one of
the facilities I worked for when the engineering department refused to allow
the use of 3-line VITC because the Afterburner did not support it. And 
according to the  Director of Technical Services at this facilty Evertz was
never going to abandon the 2-line system. I knew at the time that 3-line
VITC was actually developed by Aaton and Evertz in cooperation with
others but I could not convince my employers of this because Evertz did
not offer it.
  This forum is not the place to air out differences between individuals. 
However, when someone uses my name for the purpose of advancing
their own cause I become concerned. Who developed 3-line VITC or any
other system means little to me, so I never mentioned it. As a user I am
only concerned about who will supply me with the tools I need to deliver
the best possible product. I think we all know a lot more about VITC and 
what the future holds now. I hope this ends the debate over who gets
the credit for giving us this much needed tool. Now, when do I get the
fourth line?