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FW: 3 line VITC

>Terry Goins wrote
>Thanks to David Tosh and J.P. for getting to us this info of this new
>standard.  One of the things that confuses me is all the info for user
>How many colorist, or assistants really has the time to enter all of
>info into the user bits. From my experience not to many. 

>The standard exists today and is becoming common use in many facilities.
With the Evertz 4025, all the information is encoded automatically.  The
only thing the user may have to enter is VTR timecode.

>Really what I am concerned with is, leading a client into thinking this
>is necessary. Believe
>it or not some of them read this stuff....The flex files generated at
>he same time the 3-line standard is, has all of this other info. Is
>this future standard for someone who does not have the ability to
>generate flex files. 

The best place to store extensive production data such as
Scene/take/camera roll/sound roll/VT Roll, scene description etc. is
indeed in a computer database such as Evertz Key-Log.  The information
put into the 3 line VITC is designed as an additional tool to help
during the post production process.  Theoretically you could import the
database file to the Non-Linear Editor and do the editing, make the cut
list, etc.  All the information is there.  However, if you want to make
screening copies of the dailies tapes with window burns, or if you want
to make a neg cutters guide copy of the final edited video tape with
burn ins, the best (easiest and most cost effective!) way is to encode 3
line VITC and use a device such as the Evertz Afterburner to make field
accurate window burns.  It is no more difficult to add 3 line VITC
during the transfer than not, and you always have it as a fall back on
the transfer tapes.
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