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Rank Night School for a Bosch Owner

Hello, all:

I am deeply grateful for the wonderful education this forum has provided me
in the world of telecine.  But there are many big Brimar-sized gaps in my
learning.  Help reduce those gaps to managable Hammamatsu-sized bytes (yes, I
know the signal is still analog at the PECs, it's just a figure of speech).

Here's my big question:

Could anyone give me an idea of what the differences are between the
following Ranks?

Mark IIIc Digiscan 2
Mark IIIc Digiscan 3
Mark IIIc Digiscan 4
Rank Turbo
Rank Turbo 2
Ursa Gold

I assume some have digital outs, some have digital deflection, and on and on.
 Any info and opinions (like, "Jeff, stay away from Jumpscans, machines under
serial number 300, and any ADS1s") would be greatly appreciated, even if
based on the writer's biases.  If anyone has any idea re the current value of
these units (in dollars, not utility) they could post that, too, though they
may attract some flames (but not from me).  Obviously, there is a huge range
for any machine, but even biased opinions (like, "I wouldn't take one if they
gave it to me" or "$61,328.43, give or take $5000.00") would be appreciated.

No, I am not abandoning the world of CCDs, but need to broaden my horizons.
 If anyone can recommend any good places to read up on this, great! (The only
book I know about is Video into Film, and that's more of an overview, and a
bit dated.)


Jeff "Afterglow?!  But Doctor, I'm not even tubish" Kreines (your faithful