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Sony DVWA500 ...... Have you heard of this?

I have been having editors tell me that occasionally the DVWA500
will edit on the wrong field.  This is nothing that is repeatable, 
entirely random in nature.... I remember older DVW firmware did this
(wrong field remote port editing), but I thought that was fixed....  
Maybe not....
Editor was using an Axial 2020, with current specfile (V1.20) for
DVWA500 firmware V3.11.  I've heard a rumour that this, and split edit
delays and roll through auto-assembly were fixed in Sony V4.11

Sony says they've not heard anything like that from this version V3.11,
but have had reports of Older CMX's (340 ???) causing DVW to go into
record DURING PRE-ROLL.  Sony says latest firmware is V4.10, and they
have not heard of V4.11.

Has anyone encountered this, and/or can you shed any light on this?

Jan Janowski