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Re: Sony DVWA500 ...... Have you heard of this?


This is another example of Sony speaking with forked tongue.

I had considerable experience fighting this problem mainly on Axial
editor control. We never succeeded in doing mixed field editing or
audio/video splits reliably, even with the latest 4.1 software. For a
long time it was a classic case of manufacturer finger pointing between
Accom and Sony, but eventually it came down to Sony, Accom proved pretty
well they were following all the rules, and it still didn't work.

They were well aware of the problem at least as far back as Oct 95, when
we first put our Axial 2010/DWV500 edit bay on line at Unitel LA.

The 4.11 software DOES exist, it was mentioned at the most recent Sony
users group meeting in LA by a couple of users who are testing it .

To the best of my knowledge the problem is caused by the computer inside
the DVW randomly running out of steam when given multiple commands to
execute in 1 frame (which is what happens when you do a mixed field edit
or audio/video split) and chosing to defer what it can't handle until
the next frame.

We got around the problem in the edit bay with mixed field edits by
judicious use of the local control panel edit field dominance selection.

Best of luck,

Paul Chapman