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Re: Sony DVWA500 ...... Have you heard of this?

We had a random edit field dominance problem with our CMX.OMNIS. CMX supplied a
new device driver ver.12.1zf and it corrected this problem...

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Subject: Re: Sony DVWA500 ......  Have you heard of this?
Author:  garyada (garyada) {NAME:garyada|EMS:INTERNET|MBX:garyada at ix.netcom.com}
Date:    2/6/97 10:00 AM

Just in case the question comes up.  The TLC will accurately perform mixed field
 editing on the
digi beta with 3.10 or greater firmware on the beta.  The required TLC firmware
to support the
edit timing and additional audio tracks is 3.15/4.15 or greater.  If you are run
ning digi beta
firmware 4.10 or greater, field stepping is possible as the field bit is support
ed in these
versions.  Gary Adams

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