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3-line VITC system configuration

Please would some one give me a rough idea as to how you configure your 
3-line VITC insertion system.
We are using an Evertz 4025 and will be using the latest 3-line VITC 

How do you configure your system?:
Feed the LTC output of the VTR into the 4025 this inserts 3-line VITC at 
say 15,16,17. The VTR then records this with its own VITC at 19 & 21.
Question: In this case what VITC does the machine read when in slow 
shuttle mode? Or do you leave VTR generated VITC switched off?

Why not leave the VTR generated VITC off and put the 3-line at 19,20 & 

If you have any block diagrams or scematics then please send me one or 
fax to 0049 89 368148111.


Phil Budden
DAS WERK, Munich

Phil at das-werk.de