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RE: HDTV, Super 16, 24fps vs. 30 fps and "ABOMINATION" (fwd)

Tim Bond <Bond007 at concentric.net> sort of said:

>>>Robert, please do not market your products on the main telecine list,
>>>the place for that is the telecine-announce mailinglist.
>>Rob, although I agree with your policy of relegating marketing issues to
>>the announce list, I cannot help feeling that when a process or product is
>>directly attacked or criticised on the forum, the manufacturer should have
>>the right to put up some defense or, as in this case, invite his critic to
>>come and see for himself. The alternative, if one is to be fair, is to ban
>>any form of critcism or opinion on the main list, which would make for a
>>very, very boring forum.
>I agree, . . . although I hate to open up this can of worms again.  It
>does seem as though a slight modification of your, well intended, policy
>(in cases such as these) would serve to enhance the dialogue here rather
>than detract from it.

Tim raises a splendid point here: some of the most lively (and outrageous!)
postings have been as a result of mudslinging or conversely defense of
equipment. One of the best things about reading the material on the TIG is
enjoying the visceral epithets which occasionally surface as a result of
folks slagging off each other's gear. And after all, English is such a
colorful language for this purpose.
Where's Michael Reikel when you really need him?

P.S. Does anyone in LA know where Innovation TK are at? They were alleged
to be coming to visit Editel at 10am on Tuesday and never showed.
If you come across them wandering on the streets of Hollywood or Santa
Monica, please could you ask them to give me a call at the office (213)
I had heard a rumor that URSA Diamond is going to eschew the Twigi product
in favor of Accuglow. So why is everyone I have talked to buying Twigi, eh?
Riddle me that, Batman.
It would be nice to hear some propaganda from the various players about
this, if Rob could permit a little veiled advertising directly on the
group, as I suspect this issue is going to directly or indirectly affect
the majority of readers in the coming months.
Otherwise, maybe some more detailed user reports from the folks who have
already installed either system?


Mike O

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