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NAB telecine focus sheet

I'll be putting together the third annual TIG-NAB annual focus sheet,
with input from this group.  This is a brief document highlighting the
new and interesting telecine-related products at NAB this year,
particularly useful to those whose time at the show is limited (like
me-- I get 8 hours, but hope at least to make it to the Fun Night

The first year we did this, it was fairly clear to colorists and
engineers what was important to see, and what wasn't.  Last year there
was more vendor/manufacturer involvement in this process-- a lot of
requests were received from v/m's to include their latest equipment or
program in the TIG focus sheet, and I really was reluctant to include
patch cables and splicers in the document; I think it should be brief.

I'll do the same thing I did last year, which was to compile this
focus sheet in stages-- a rough draft at the beginning of March, an
approval draft at the end of March, and the final sheet in the first
week of April.  TIG subscribers will be asked to prioritize the
entries on the 'approval draft' so that we can come to some kind of
consensus about what is important.  

Subscribing (contributing) vendor/manufacturers who would like to
trumpet/announce or generally bassoon their new products are welcome
to do it on the -announce list (telecine-announe at alegria.com), which
is received by most of the TIG.

So what's important to see this year?  I have an extremely incomplete
list to start:

Cintel Diamond
Philips/BTS Spirit (for those who haven't seen it)
daVinci EdWin
Pandora-- what's new?
HR1440 telecine (for those who haven't seen it)


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