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3 Line VITC History Question

Evertz Tech Support wrote:

))>I believe that Lightworks will support reading 3-line VITC also in the
>near future .  .  .  . ((


I believe that Lightworks has supported reading 3 line VITC for about two +
years, since, what, let me see, yes, it's since October 1994.  That hardly
counts as "near future!" 2 years, 4 months...

An Avid tech support guy admitted to me that they finally got it to work with
the Media Reader in late 1996, but that they had to really push Evertz to
make this happen.  My friend DA Pennebaker bought an Avid 8000 to cut a film
shot with AatonCode in 1995, which he telecined at DuArt with 3 line VITC,
and the Avid Media Reader couldn't read it.  The feeling he got was that
Evertz was trying to keep 3 line VITC from becoming a reality.  He was not
pleased.  He loved shooting with timecode, and found it upsetting to realize
that with all the "difficult" problems solved (shooting timecode in the
field, on the run) he couldn't make his overpriced Avid read the code it
needed to...

Evertz tech support adds:

)))  I believe AVID have now released their
>system software that supports the new firmware for both the Media
>Recorder and Media/Film composers.  (((

So it might work by now?  Does it?  Is it part of Media Composer 6.1?  Or is
it still "real soon now?"  Does it work with Media Composer 5.5/5.6, or are
the owners of NuBus systems forced to upgrade to PCI to read 3 line VITC?

Obviously this delay on Evertz's part was understandable from a competitive
sense.  (Not good, but understandable.)  If Avids can't read the format, then
fewer telecine houses will have to support 3 line for the smaller (but
dedicated) Lightworks crowd.  Avid still controls much (most?) of the high
end market.  So fewer people need to replace their Evertz 4025s...  and buy
other devices.

But despite this history of products Evertz manufactures, I think it's wrong
to rewrite the history of the products of other manufacturers.

Jeff "not a flame, just a little re-revisionist history, but still ducking
and running" Kreines