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FW: 3-line VITC system configuration

Phillip Budden wrote:

>Why not leave the VTR generated VITC off and put the 3-line at 19,20 &
 You should feed the LTC of the VTR to the 4025 and configure RDR1 to
LTC.  You should turn off the VTR VITC and only record 4025 VITC.  That
way you will not have extra lines taken up.  The first line of the 4025
3 line VITC will be identical to the code the VTR would have generated,
and there will not be any confusion what code will be read in slow
shuttle or jog.

There are 4025 configuration diagrams in the 4025 manual for various
configurations.  If you don't have them let me know and I will fax them
to you.

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