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speed changes on high-end DDRs

I have an interesting situation here (well, at least interesting to ME)
where I have to time shift some BetaSP recordings I've made.

The DDR I have here either repeats frames or throws them away when the
image has to move slower or faster, but I'm looking for something with
better quality, specifically something which has each source frame
represented by at least a field in the output.  The changed output will =
used as playback for a bluescreen composite shot with motion control, so
ideally there should be some image for each originally recorded frame.

The required speed changes never go above 150% or below 50%, but can be
zany variations like 71% or 112%.

The device I'm looking for must be able to handle analog component I/O.

Any of you use a high end DDR that will do this sort of thing well?

Bob Kertesz
BlueScreen LLC

The Ultimate in ULTIMATTE compositing