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Re: TWigI

On Feb 10,  1:25, Mike Orton wrote:
} Subject: Re: slinging

> Lord knows I'm trying, Rob. Only 941 more messages to wade through...:-(

I have the utmost faith that you will emerge unscathed from this
deadly message morass, as your capacity for absorption humbles us who
with pauses must digest.

> Wow Rob, Absolute Power!

APCA, as they say.

> I was 
> blown away! [by TwIgI]

That's quite an endorsement.

> My only concern is that the one-line situation is *so* transparent to the
> colorist now, that he/she wont actually realise if the machine is running

There would seem to be an argument here for some sort of alarm in the
DUI/Pogle/color corrector?


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