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re: 3 perf panic

The best way of dealing with 3 perf that I've found is to use the Metaspeed.   
With somewhat minor Rank modifications, the Metaspeed can
do the necessary math to  generate tach pulses for TLC and daVinci, TLC, 
Keycode readers, and mag machines.  This allows you to use a normal 
4 perf gate for  a 3 perf job.  I believe Evertz has Keylog support for 3
perf , and I assume Aaton also supports it.  There is, what seems a first
glance, a somewhat" nightmarish" spec for a 3 perf Keycode sequence. I seem
to remember the sequence  repeating every one and one third feet (it's been
a while since I looked at it). Audio syncing with  Nagra is the same as
always, whether  you are chasing time code or  using serial control from TLC
.  If mag (or another  biphase driven machine) is the audio source, the
Metaspeed can provide the correct pulses. 

Craig Nichols
Telecine Engineer

Craig Nichols
Todd-AO Video Services