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RE: HDTV, Super 16, 24fps vs. 30 fps and "ABOMINATION" (fwd)

Mr Orton wrote;

"Tim raises a splendid point here: some of the most lively (and outrageous!)
postings have been as a result of mudslinging or conversely defense of
equipment. One of the best things about reading the material on the TIG is
enjoying the visceral epithets which occasionally surface as a result of
folks slagging off each other's gear. And after all, English is such a
colorful language for this purpose.
Where's Michael Reikel when you really need him?"

I particularly react to the last little sentence, Mike I am always here.
Watching and waiting for you to slip...

Well the truth is that I just made it to forty and on the very same day my wife
blessed me with a son.

Must confess, no matter how embarassing, but the gentlemen before has got a
point. The heat of the web is flaming on other sites. But it is still exciting
isnt it? I'll praise the site anytime! Had I money I'd support it too!

Mike Reichel