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>I heard a rumour that Sony has a Telecine that they will be=20
>marketing and am wondering if anyone knows if it will be on display=20
>at NAB?   If so,  I wonder if the color corrector manufactures are=20
>building an interface for this yet.  The NAB web site has exhibitor=20
>listing for the show but there are not any products listed as of a=20
>couple of days ago.=20

The problem with things like this is that some people/companies have sign=
ed non disclosures which makes it impossible to speculate.
The survival of many companies depends on close working with certain cust=
omers and a code of silence is to be respected.
With things like this I guess it is up to the various manufacturers to de=
cide when to come clean and post info.
It is frustrating but is is their business.