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Re: Ursa Diamond

To this point, Rank has been very tight lipped about this new upgrade 
package for the URSA and URSA Gold telecine. About all we can guess right 
now is that this system would be somewhat similar to the TWiGi product in 
that it would offer some type of front endchanges to the machine. Right 
now, the front end of the existing URSA Gold is responsible for a great 
deal of the noise introduced to the signal, ie:) tube grain, A/D 
conversion, etc... They have probably comme up with an improved PEC/ Head 
Amp, and an improvement on the A/D itself. It should be interesting to 
see at the NAB this year. The other product that I mentioned, TWiGi, is 
just as I have discribed above with the addition of a photo-electric burn 
correction unit which I have been getting great reports on. Very much 
worth checking out.

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