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>What are folks out there doing for 3-perf jobs? ,,,
Complete Post has been doing 3 perf for multicamera sitcoms for 3 or 4
years. This year, half of the 35mm film shows are 3 perf. The Evertz 4025
supports 3perf as an option and we have used that with key-log from the
early days.

Meta-Speed is the reason we can do 3perf so easily. We have one dedicated
3perf gate that is setup with the Gold's jump-free tach and the two bays
with Meta-Speed just use the regular 35mm gate. We have always changed out
the sep-mag tach wheel to a 3/4 size unit available from Options and
Peterson. Evertz really prefers the 10ppf rate. I haven't had time to
experiment with using the tach created by Meta-Speed although the 1ppf
drive to the daVinci and the TLC is supplied by Meta-Speed.

Oh, yes, one MKIII has a special version of Ultra-Speed that does 3 or 4
perf off the same gate at the flick of a switch.

--- David Tosh  dlt at earthlink.net
--- Video Engineer, Complete Post, Hollywood