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Re: speed changes on high-end DDRs

>Bob Kertesz:
>I have an interesting situation here (well, at least interesting to ME)
>where I have to time shift some BetaSP recordings I've made.

The Accom RTD has the modes you need to get field resolution speed changes.
It offers field interpolation (to keep the image from bouncing up & down)
and there is an optional Smooth Motion that intra-frame interpolation. You
probably don't want to do that with bluescreen work but you may be the one
to pull it off.

Scitex Abekas A-64 and later DDRs all have field resolving vari-speed.

As for CAV I/O, you should be prepared to put converter packages around the
DDR or arrange to play into the DDR with a DVW-A500 digibeta.

--- David Tosh  dlt at earthlink.net
--- Video Engineer, Complete Post, Hollywood