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faux motion control

This is a terrific forum. So glad to have found it!
I directed and shot three spots in which we needed to create some magic.   At
a see through kitchen counter a housewife enters frame and empties her
grocery bags.  Impossible things (i.e. huge amount of groceries, an apple
tree and a man) would come out of the bags.  Simple idea.  We would run two
passes for each spot, one for above the counter masking the activity below
and one showing the legs of the housewife, the family dog, the little girl
playing on the floor, etc.  I felt that if we locked down the camera and
there was no movement that the gag would be too easy to detect, the spots
needed movement that would have been handled easily by motion control but we
did not have the budget.  I came up with the idea to shoot with a locked down
35mm camera and perform the two passes on the stage as usual but then blow
them up several fields in telecine and program into each element identical
panning and tilting.  That way the married elements would looked like we
panned with the action.  I shot the scenes with a long lens to minimize any
perspective shift during the "post-pan and tilting".  We used electronic pin
registration (EPR)  to minimize the infamous gate weave.  The problem came
when we tried to match the action of the top and bottom elements and,
frankly, the reluctance of the telecine operator to appreciate using his
machine in this unusual fashion.  We worked it out and put some movement into
the spots but we went way over our time allotted and it got very tense.  Most
unfortunately,  I didn't get the opportunity to really explore the limits of
movement.  The main error (as usual,  a very basic one) was that we tried to
match one element that was blown up with the action in the second element
that had not been blown up yet.  It took us over 45 minutes to figure out why
the action did not match, by then the producers were freaking out and the
telecine op was angry at me for ruining his day.  My question is, has anyone
else tried this? and if so what would be suggestions for making it easier the
next time.  I still think it is a valid use of telecine .  Am I wrong?  
Thanks !
Tom Weston