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Re: Ursa Diamond

>I'll say again, think its got New PEC's, Accuglow and Dave Walker's new
>Scan Control system.  From all the noise being made about Twigi, it
>sounds a shame that Twigi wasn't included.  For most people I think the
>question will be wether thay can upgrade or not.
>Ken Robinson

I have heard very favorable things about Twigi also, but I have not seen it
in use yet.  If the Accuglow burn correction is part of the Diamond, it
should make a noticable difference.  Might the "Dave Walker new scan control
system" be Clrview for Ursa? If so, this would really help reduce aliasing
artifacts common in scope transfers. With decent dynamic burn correction and
tube grain reduction, it would seem that, in theory, tube life increases
might pay for the upgrade in time. I've heard good things about the Twigi
head amps.  I've also heard that Cintel has been working on improved head
amps as well. 

Craig Nichols
Telecine Engineer