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Re: telecine-announce Digest V97 #8

>From: David Fenton <106005.677 at compuserve.com>
>To: Telecine user Group mar <telecine-announce at alegria.com>
>Subject: URSA Diamond

>Ref.  Diamond Upgrade Kit
>It is indeed the intention of Cintel to offer an upgrade path for all Ursa
>Gold machines however at this precise time it is difficult to confirm this
>as we have not yet conclusively proved such an upgrade is viable . I hasten
>to say we anticipate no problems but we are applying all of our resources
>to getting the new Ursa Diamond  finalised and to NAB .
>Delivery of the Upgrade is expected to start about 30 - 60 days following
>the release of information that we can proceed and this will also be about
>NAB time .

David, are you saying an upgraded Gold will be *identical* to a Diamond?
(the correct answer is *absolutely*, because I have just placed an order
for a regular Gold).

To answer in the negative is to invoke upon yourself the Curse of Orton,
yea even unto the seventh generation.

(it may also invoke a P.O. to Philips as well!)

guarded regards

Mike Orton

R.S.V.P. (Reply Swiftly if you Value Plausibility)

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