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At 1:24 PM 2/11/97, Alan Lambshead wrote:

>Unfortunately the 64 perf repetition rate of KeyKode does not work well
>for 3 perf. In fact there are 21 1/3 frames per barcode, and hence the
>reference dot of the KeyKode changes every foot.  Once every three feet,
> you gain an extra frame.  The first method of dealing with 3 perf was
>to talk about 'yards and feet' because every three feet the pattern
>repeats.  This counting method was awkward for negative cutters for at
>least three reasons.  64 frames between count cycles was very awkward to
>work with.  Second the counting ' yard part incremented by 3 each time
>it changed.  Third there was no easily definable way to identify the
>start of a yard.

The engineering solution to this madness is of course to abandon 3-perf,
and let it sink back into the primaeval sludge from whence it came.
Does the phrase "false economy" ring any bells for folks out in telecine-land?

Mike O

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